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OnlIne Shop

OnlIne Shop

Comet HP-32FHN 2m/70cm High Power Mobile Antenna with PL-259 base


Brand new in factory package. The Comet HP-32FHN High Power Dual-Band Mobile Antenna for 146/446MHz.

This antenna features a fold-over design and a PL-259 connector.

Comet's larger antennas now have a threaded collar around the hinge: Loosen the collar, lift it up, and the hinge is exposed. No more problem of the antenna spring expanding and the antenna laying down by itself at highway speed!


Heavy Duty, High Power, Dual Band 2M/440MHz Mobile Antenna

This is the famous HEAVY-DUTY dual band antenna named after the equally famous Ray Davis, KD6FHN. As one of the founding members of the Motorcycling Amateur Radio Club (MARC), Ray and his group were installing and breaking mobile antennas much too often. The short wheel-base and high tire pressure of the Goldwings they ride transferred the road energy to the antenna, and they broke far too often About 20 years ago Ray rode in on his white Goldwing (Casper) one day and asked for help. Long story short, the HP-32FHN proved to be structurally strong enough to withstand the beating, and a friendship between the charity driven MARC group and COMET antenna was born. If you run into Ray, ask him about the time he was attempting to ride “Route 66” from beginning to end. Some of Route 66 is dirt road, his Goldwing’s tires were caught in a rut in the road and he went down…HARD! His Goldwing was a total loss, but the HP-32HPN antenna was undamaged Ray is a former Fire Captain, you can also want to ask him about the time his fire station caught fire…but he may want to change the subject pretty quickly!

Gain & Wave:

2M: 3dBi 1/2 wave

70cm: 5.5dBi 5/8 wave x 2

SWR: 1.5:1 or less

Max power:

VHF: 350 watts

UHF: 250 watts

Length: 35 inches

Connector: PL-259, locking fold-over hinge included

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